“My Killer.”

"Hi, my name is Beatriz. I want to tell everyone about my experience with Jojo as my trainer/killer. I started training with Jojo about 3 years ago. Before I started my journey with her at BBL Fitness, I was a sedentary person. The only thing I did was cardio, but was never satisfied with myself. One of my friends would always talk about BBL Fitness but I never paid them any mind. I never imagined that I would be able to lift weights. One day I decided to go in for a consultation and that's when I met Jojo. When I saw her I was scared because she was lean and ripped (as I wanted to see myself all my life). At the end of our consultation I remember her looking me into my eyes and telling me to start believing in myself because if I didn't, no one would.

After my first 2 weeks, I didn’t want to go back because I would cry throughout my sessions and couldn't handle the feeling of being sore. But in the 3rd week when I started to see result, I pushed myself. Later, I started competing and all of this happened because of Jojo. Now, I no longer compete but I still attend BBL Fitness to train with my "killer". Thank you for all you do JOJO. You are more than my trainer, you are my friend and my sister.

P.s If you want long lasting results, Jojo Riley is the person for you."

— Beatriz Amaro

“More than a coach!”

"Jojo is truly one of a kind. She inspires and motivates you. When you think you have nothing left, she pushes you and you surpass what your mind limits you to. Quitting is never an option! Besides being a great coach, she is also a posing coach. Her attention to detail is admirable. She studies you and your body. She's a perfectionist. As a bikini competitor, I can tell you once you're on stage with all the bright lights and chaos in the audience, all you hear is that voice inside your head and it's not yours... It's Jojo! She's more than a coach, she's a woman than motivates and empowers others!"

— Maggie Paez

“When working out with Jojo you are more than just a client....”

"My experience with Jojo is hardly summed up by a five star review. Jojo's positivity and attitude towards health and fitness carries over to all aspects of your life when you work out with her. Jojo is very knowledgeable about diet and physiology and is constantly switching things up. Her motivational texts and positive attitude are awesome and really helps to keep you on track, motivated and excited (even for a 5 am workout)! When working out with Jojo you are more than just a client, you are an athlete and a friend. Thank you Jojo for all your help in and out the gym."

— Ana Mercedes

“She is simply amazing”

"This beast of a young lady will get your heart pumping, muscles burning and fat melting in a matter of minutes. I took on this challenge to get my head back in the game and JoJo gives you all that and more. There is no other reason why I wake up at 4:30am to get it done and when it's over you feel revived and motivated all day. She is simply amazing"

— Adriana Menendez

“Not your typical trainer....”

"Jojo Riley is not your typical trainer. She truly cares about you and your health and what you want to gain from her training. When she does her 21 day challenges she takes time to show us how to properly workout and helps us reach our goal. She is truly dedicated to each person in her classes. We have so much fun working out together. Jojo Riley is more than a trainer. Her workout programs are intense and brings results. If you're looking for someone who will always help you reach your goals, Jojo Riley is the trainer for you."

— Courtney Gardner

“True motivator..”

Not only is she a true motivator for so many of us,  but she's talented, dedicated, original and most of all she cares about her work and each of her customer progress. Proud to say I train with this beauty!!! Thank you Jojo for all your hard work!!

— Yemir Romero

“She is with you the entire day.”

"If you are looking for a trainer, posing coach or you simply need motivation, contact Jojo Riley. Her challenges scheduled at 5am are incredible. Not only is she with you for that hour of training, she is with you the entire day. Sending you messages of motivation, coaching you, giving tips and ideas on clean snacks. Her positive personality and beauty are what you need to give you the incentive to better yourself."

— Madelaine Fiorani-Asesor


“Inspiration to us all!!”

"I love Jojo's challenges! Why else would I wake up at 4:30 am? She not only pushes us to do better and squat lower (lol), she is also an inspiration to us all! She has some killer legs and a booty I can only dream of. I love her class!!"

— Viviana Carranza

“...great results...”

"Amazing trainer/posing coach. She will push you beyond limits you never thought were possible. You get great results with her programs and meal plans. Not only is she an amazing trainer, you can also expect to shine on stage through specific posing routines she designs for you. She is a wonderful person who I love dearly."

— Dorita Jordan


Loved by Clients Worldwide